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Halloween in Toverland

From Saturday 7 October the time has come! When the sun is sinking, the most horrible forms of Toverland take over. They know where to find you in 6 hair -raising haunted experiences and 5 exciting scare zones. Do you dare to handle the Halloween Nights?

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About Toverland

Toverland is a popular amusement park in the Netherlands that is known for its enchanting theme and various attractions for young and old. Here are some things you can do in Toverland: Attractions for thrillseekers: Toverland has several roller coasters and exciting attractions for adrenaline junkies, such as the Fenix, the fastest and longest wing coaster of the Benelux, or the Troy, the highest, longest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the Benelux. Other exciting attractions are Booster Bike, Dwielwind and Fēnix. Family attractions: There are also numerous attractions for the whole family, such as the Djengu River, an exciting whitewater course, and Villa FiaSko, an indoor attraction where you can wander through a mysterious house full of secret corridors and rooms. You can also enjoy an enchanting carousel, a whirligig in Toverland, and a boat trip through a mysterious forest. Magic shows: Toverland has different shows that you can attend, such as the Magic Valley Show in which Toverland's Mascottes, Toos Dagveroed and Morrel play the leading role. There are also special shows during holidays and events. Children's attractions: For the youngest visitors there are special children's attractions, such as the Land van Toos, an enchanting playground with various climbing devices, slides and water fun. There is also a colorful carousel, a train and a playground with sand and water. Theme areas: Toverland is divided into different theme areas, such as the magic valley, where you can walk through a fairy -tale landscape and discover attractions based on the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Other theme areas are Port Laguna, Avalon and the Troy Area. Food and drink: In Toverland there are various restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy a snack and a drink. From fast snacks to extensive meals, there is something for everyone. Events: Toverland regularly organizes special events, such as Halloween Nights, Midsummer evenings and Winter Weeks, where the park is transformed into an enchanting world with special decorations, shows and activities.

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This venue scores 4.67 stars based on 6 reviews. Let us know what you think of this venue and select the stars for your review score.

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Toverlaan 2, 5975 MR Sevenum
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