Discount for your favorite outing on a foreign site

While some amusement parks and zoos sprinkle with a discount, there are quite a lot of outings that never actually give a discount, at least .... that seems like that. It can never hurt for those outings to take a look at a foreign discount site because there are sometimes surprising discount promotions.

Do I have to buy tickets on international sites?

Until a few years ago you actually only had as an international ticket seller. If you were on holiday in another country, you could usually go to 365 ticket to order tickets in your own language. Unfortunately, the Corona Pandemie did not survive 365 tickets, but in the meantime there are dozens of sites that actually do the same: sell a lot of tickets for very outings in many countries. For example, you have,, and a few large others. Is it wise to order tickets at those international sites? No, usually not. These parties also have to earn money and often still throw an amount on the Kassapprijs, so you pay more than you would do at the checkout. These sites do often have a very nice combi offer with a guide, transport or other bonus.

And on foreign sites?

A foreign site is slightly different from an international site. For example, view Groupon. It has different sites per country and each these sites have their own offer and prices. For example, you can buy tickets for an amusement park in Belgium on the German, Dutch and Belgian groupon, but it turns out that it is best to opt for the German or Dutch site. Why? Simple: the Belgian visitors do come to the Belgian amusement park. The challenge to attract tourists is bigger and so they get a little more discount. So it is always worth watching foreign sites.

Nice and are there any other tips?

Yes: sometimes it is just the most wisely to book at the outing itself. They can give a little extra discount online because they do not spend a margin on an intermediate party. And another tip: a number of sites, such as, often has a discount code for, for example, a 10% discount on the entire range. Try to order tickets there with promotional code Tikata10. There are also large international outings that normally never actually give a discount And finally: always search for your favorite outing on Tikata first. There we put all the deals neatly in a row. This way you immediately see what is currently the best deal that gives you the biggest discount.