It's over again that beautiful summer .... or ...

The summer vacation in the Netherlands and Belgium is over, but that does not mean that there are no more beautiful deals for a day out. In fact, after the holidays many prizes at the checkout and deals are going down considerably. We also see the first Halloween Deals appear. Add to that the weather and we have the ingredients for a wonderful day out.

Cash prices down

The large amusement parks such as Walibi and Efteling increase their ticket prices in the summer to lower them again after the summer holidays. September is a relatively quiet month for outings. After all, everyone has already been on the road during the summer holidays. By lowering the cash register prices, amusement parks hope to convince quite a few people to visit one day.

Even at parks that have a variable price (such as Slagharen) you will see that tickets at the door are considerably cheaper in September.

Hallowent tickets in advance

It will take almost two months, but we also see the first tickets for Halloween. For example, Walibi has a nice deal , but also for De Waarbeek can already be found a number of tickets . Just like in previous years, we recommend buying all your tickets now because tickets will only become more expensive in the coming months and in some cases can even be sold out. Certainly for Walibi Holland that has happened regularly in recent years.

Extra discount on zoos

The zoo also lower their prices in September as standard. Normally because the weather often starts to hit and the days get cooler and wetter. So it's lucky that the coming week will be beautiful weather: nice weather and a discount. For example at Dierenpark Amersfoort, for example 35%discount on a ticket.