Summer vacation 2023: Tips for a rainy day out - Part 4

The weather is not completely up to date and especially this week promises to be soaking wet. Don't worry because there are more than enough nice onions that you can do with rainy weather. We list three for you, of course with a discount.

Tip 1: Visit Wildlands with a discount

huh, but that's a zoo right? Beats! But in Wildlands you have various covered "attractions". This way you can hide in the large topic greenhouse. You even take a boat trip without getting wet. For Wildlands you can get a discount all year round. Just look at our Wildlands page.

Go swimming in a tropical swimming paradise

Tikibad, Aqualibi, Aqua Mondu. All covered swimming paradises where you can just swim, even when it rains outside and thunderstorms. Just look at the deal for aqualibi

Visit a museum

There are plenty of museums where you can "hide" and at the same time learn a lot about art, history and other interesting topics. If you choose an open -air museum such as Archeon, you combine inside and outside. If the sun does break through you are baked there. everything deals for Archeon can be found here.