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The last weeks of the summer vacation 2023. With a discount

The summer vacation unfortunately is coming for a number of people in the Netherlands. We will continue in Belgium and the rest of the Netherlands. The advantage of those last weeks is that it becomes a little less busy in the amusement parks and zoos. Another advantage is that the weather (finally) promises to be. So time for a blog with some beautiful deals for your favorite day out.

Madurodam for € 14.95 per ticket

Madurodam in The Hague is one of the most popular outings on Tikata and that is not only because of the tourists who want to have seen the Netherlands in an hour, but also many Dutch people visit this beautiful outing. Normally tickets cost a euro or € 21, but the entire season there is already a deal to score with an almost 40% discount. You can find this deal on our Madurodam page.

Walibi Belgium with 34% discount

Walibi Belgium is also popular on tikata this year. And also for Walibi there is a very nice discount to score all season. Normally tickets cost 48 euros, but with the best deal of the moment, no less than € 16.50 goes away and you just pay 30 euros for a ticket. All deals for Walibi Belgium can be found here.

Bobbejaanland with an almost 40% discount

Bobbejaanland was known for a long time as the absolute discount stunner. With a large cash register price, there was actually a 50 to 60% discount to be achieved throughout the year. These are discounts that you normally only score in the auction. This year the discount is slightly lower, but 30% to 40% is certainly feasible. For example, there is now a deal that saves you 38%. All those deals can be found at our Bobbejaanland page.