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Visit a butterfly garden with discount

You can, of course, book a trip to a tropical country and go and see butterflies there, but why not just go to a butterfly garden nearby? There are plenty of them around and the price of a ticket is often very affordable. We have put together a list of the best ones. With a discount, of course.

Go to the zoo

Most large zoos have a greenhouse containing tropical butterflies, birds and other animals. The advantage of visiting a zoo is that you can see many more animals. The disadvantage is that the price is often higher than a visit to a somewhat smaller butterfly garden. The most beautiful butterfly zoos can be found in Blijdorp, Zoo Antwerpen and Wildlands in Emmen.

Or go to a real butterfly garden

Look at those zoos, they just "throw butterflies in". It might be better to go to a specialised butterfly garden. There are plenty of those too: more than 40 in the Netherlands. In Belgium, there are fewer. There, you can mainly visit the larger zoos. The advantage of the special butterfly gardens is that tickets are much cheaper. Often you can get in for less than 10 euros and then there is also a discount.