With a discount to Boudewijn Seapark

Boudewijn Seapark is perhaps best known for its dolphin shows, but there is much more to do besides these animals. There is a themed roller coaster, a water park, playground and much more. Because many people are looking for discounts for this fun park, it was high time to dedicate a blog to Boudewijn Seapark.

What does Boudewijn Seapark cost at the door?

Like many Belgian parks, Boudewijn Seapark has tickets that are partly based on height and partly on age. Children up to 85 cm tall get in for free. From 85 cm to 100 cm you pay 11.50. For a child of 1m to 11 years you pay € 26.50 and from twelve years the adult rate of € 28.50 applies. For a day out with a family of four, you can easily spend more than 110 euros. In the winter, the prices are completely different. Then, part of the park is closed, but there is a skating rink. Prices are a lot lower in winter. Yet we are looking for a discount.

At a discount site

If we look at the big discount sites like Groupon, Tripper and Dagtickets, we immediately have a good feeling. Throughout the year, you can score tickets with discounts of up to 40%. Of course, not all deals are always available, but usually there is at least one top deal available.

And in the auction? Up to 50% discount

If you live in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, you can also bid on the many auction sites. Participation is simple (and free) and if you bid well (at a quiet moment) you can score 50% discount. Do take into account the auction fees that the winner pays. These are usually 5 euros per winning auction of 2 or 4 tickets.

And is there any other discount?

Yes, we do. Sometimes Boudewijn Seapark itself gives a substantial discount. That is especially in the early or late season. And if you participate in one of the many savings programs in the Netherlands, you sometimes get 50% discount or more. Boudewijn Seapark usually participates in the AH 2nd ticket free action and you can also save for discount at Jumbo.