Free to the Plopa parks with the World Cup 2022 deal

The Plopsa parks are known for their discount offers around major celebrations and events. For example, every year you get "free" tickets around Father's Day, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day and once every few years there is also a nice discount around a major football tournament. During this World Cup, you get a whopping 10% discount per goal scored, and this year that applies to the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

10% off per goal?

Yes. Immediately after the matches of the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany, the number of goals scored by these countries is checked and the price in the webshop is adjusted immediately. So after the 2-0 victory over Senegal, you can buy tickets for all Plopsa parks (including those in Belgium) at a 20% discount. Poland unfortunately did not score yesterday, so there is no discount there. Germany and België are playing today so if they score well, you will get a nice discount.


And what should I do then?

After competing, go to your country's Plopsa webshop and use the appropriate promotional code so:

If more than 6 goals are scored then you need to be quick as the discount will apply to a maximum of 2022 tickets. And if 10 or more goals are scored then a ticket will cost €1

The tickets are valid until 8 January 2023.