Halloween 2023 - Where can you go with a discount

Halloween 2023 is in full swing and and where some evenings were already sold out, some a great success and some a less great success (by haunted houses that were closed because they didn't work as planned) it is time to see where You can still go and, of course, whether there is also some discount.

Halloween in Wunderland Kalkar

This year there is a Halloween event "Horror Nights" for the first time in Wunderland Kalkar. With 3 haunted houses and 2 scare zones, the park immediately turns out big. It is also possible to sleep in the Horror Hotel where the scary gang also goes through at night. Tickets for the park cost € 29.50, but we have already seen various deals with a 20% discount. All deals can be found at on our Wunderland Kalkar page

Halloween in Toverland

It was not yet running smoothly in Toverland, because there were some technical problems with the new haunted house Now You're Mine, but for the visitors who could in the attraction, Haunted House 1 was a great success. For the little ones there is Halloween Days during the day and for children 12 years and older there are the Halloween Nights with 5 Scare zones, 6 Haunted Houses and a Parade. Toverland is open until 23:00.

Unfortunately, Toverland has no real discount promotions but, but if there is a deal, you will find that on our Toverland page .

Mondo Verde, Walibi Holland and more

As we wrote earlier in a blog, the Scare Nights in Walibi are also available again this year. In contrast to previous years, the tickets for Walibi are not yet sold out. They are a bit pricey (€ 44.50 per ticket if you want tomorrow night) but you also get a lot in return. All deals for Walibi can be found here and the Deals for Mondo Verde can be found here