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About Museon

The Museon is a popular museum in The Hague, the Netherlands, which focuses on science, culture and human behavior. There are various activities and exhibitions in the Museon. Some of the most important things to do and see in the Museon are: Exhibitions: The Museon has various exhibitions that are aimed at science, culture, sustainability, and world citizenship. The exhibitions deal with various topics such as climate change, the human body, history, biodiversity and much more. Interactive displays: The Museon has various interactive displays where visitors can participate in educational activities and experiments. For example, visitors can discover for themselves how earthquakes arise, simulate a tornado, or make a virtual world trip. Science Labs: In the Museon there are science labs where visitors can experiment and do hands-on activities in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (voice). For example, visitors can build a robot themselves, experiment with electricity, or learn about the human brain. Children's-do exhibition: For children there is a special DIY exhibition called "Kids Only" where they can play, discover and learn about the world around them. For example, children can visit a mini-supermarket, do an archaeological excavation, or drive a spaceship. Films and Planetarium Shows: The Museon has its own theater where various educational films and planetarium shows are shown. For example, visitors can enjoy films about nature, space, and world history. Temporary exhibitions: In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the Museon also regularly has changing exhibitions on current topics, scientific discoveries, and cultural themes. In addition, the Museon regularly organizes workshops, lectures, and special events for different target groups, such as families, schools and adults, to learn more about science, culture and sustainability in an interactive and educational way.

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This venue scores 4.00 stars based on 1 reviews. Let us know what you think of this venue and select the stars for your review score.

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